Welcome to Jeju Island, a surprising soft coral paradise for divers and the most beautiful place in Korea. Enjoy the new diving season with me and my staff - come spend a relaxed weekend or even a 3 week diving vacation with us on Jeju Island.

Although it is considered the Mecca of diving in Korea, Jeju has not really been touched by the mainstream of international dive travel. Due to a lack of information and resources in languages other than Korean, foreign divers usually have little information about diving in Jeju.

Wolfgang Pölzer, underwater photographer and dive journalist from Austria, described Jeju`s underwater world during his visit here in September 2004 as an "attractive mix of Norway and the Red Sea - the black rocks and the kelp like in Norway and the soft coral and the colorful tropical fish like in the Red Sea." I think that is a very good way to put it.


At BIG BLUE 33 we offer dive trips for certified divers and non-certified divers.
If you are not a scuba diver yet or if you want to continue your diving education, you can take courses of all levels from NAUI Scuba Diver to Divemaster.
If you do not have the time to take a full course, you can enjoy a TRY SCUBA experience with one of our instructors even though you have never been diving before.
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We at BIG Blue33 are committed to quality diving and want to share the fun we have diving Jeju Island with others. Please come and join us.
Safe diving!

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